Metal Miner: A Gratuitous Plug for a Blog That You Should be Reading

I must admit, it's been fun watching my wife adapt to the daily demands of writing a blog herself (in her case, she's sharing blogging-in-chief responsibilities with her business partner, Stuart Burns). Just like me, she now understands what it means to wake up in the middle of the night or 5:00 in the morning to write a post. The good news is that their effort is paying off already. Their blog Metal Miner is already beginning to attract attention from the financial and procurement communities alike. For Metal Miner to be successful in building a long-term following, I don't think they need to do that much. And that's because the level of analysis and market insight into metals from Purchasing and other sites -- outside of just rehashing wire headlines -- is quite limited. Indeed, not only is metals journalism lazy in the trades, it's also lacking expertise and domain knowledge.

Hopefully Metal Miner will drive other media sites and publications in the sector to improve their coverage of a grouping of categories that deserves far more insightful attention than it gets today. Even if you're not involved in sourcing metals categories, understanding trends in the sector can help divine overall economic forecasts and activity because the metals markets are so central to the health and activity of the global economy.

- Jason Busch

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