Spend Matters Signs A Fourth Lead Sponsor

I'm excited to announce that we've signed our fourth and final lead sponsor for Spend Matters (we limit the number of sponsors to four at any one time). Those who are interested in partnering with Spend Matters still have other opportunities on Spend Matters Navigator and through other targeted programs, but more on that in a different post. In terms of this announcement, I'll be making the details of the new lead sponsor public in the next week or two. For all of those solution providers and suppliers debating whether blogs and related sites are the right channel to reach prospects and the overall market in 2008, it's time to get over any concerns you might have. Sites like Spend Matters, Spend Matters Navigator, and Sourcing Innovation are reaching an ever increasing size audience looking for news, analysis and scoop with an edge. While our share of online advertising dollars is still small, our reach and influence is not.

- Jason Busch

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