Curling Up to Greenspan's Memoirs

Even though I have a passion for economics, I never thought that I would find it easy to curl up to anything said or written by Alan Greenspan. The man defined the term "Fed Speak" -- language that intentionally hides logic behind flowing verbosity designed to temper and even obscure its true meaning. But his new memoir, The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, is an absolutely fabulous work for anyone interested in developing an appreciation of the global economy and global trade in recent decades -- not to mention understanding where it might go in the future. And it's even readable! Greenspan's newfound linguistic style would make Orwell or Hemingway proud. He writes in lucid prose with more than a dose of wit tossed in for good measure.

In his work, we learn that Greenspan is not a man ruled by partisan thinking. We learn that Greenspan was not only a fan, friend and admirer of Ayn Rand, but also a strong supporter of Clinton's attempt to cut the U.S. budget deficit (which we're now all starting to pay for with a weaker dollar). His observations are ever useful for the Spend Management practitioner as well. To wit, even Greenspan's understanding of industrial and services markets and the role of suppliers in forecasting pricing trends and inflation works its way into his autobiographies pages. For all Spend Matters readers interested, The Age of Turbulence is a book you can't afford to miss. Trust me, you'll learn something that you'll begin to put into immediate procurement and supply chain practice (not to mention enjoying his anecdotes on the twentieth century along the way).

- Jason Busch

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