Everything IS Bigger in Texas (But 1.5 Million Suppliers is Not Something to Brag About)

File this one under "how many suppliers can you fit in a ten gallon hat." Thanks to a hat-tip -- no pun intended --- from "Mike O," I recently learned that according to the University of Texas website, the venerable university spends over $271 million annually. A large sum, yes, but not otherwise remarkable compared with the UC system or most of the Fortune 500. But what is remarkable is that they're working with over 1.5 million suppliers. That works out to about $180 in spend per supplier (or roughly twice the amount to process a PO in low performing environments). Methinks everything really is bigger in Texas -- including the cost of procurement! Seriously, guys, this is not something to brag about, unless, of course, you believe in spending as much as possible (just like that Governor you gave us who we can't wait to send back to the ranch).

- Jason Busch

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