An Ode to the TLA (Three Letter Acronym)

Over on Software Safari, my colleague and fellow Enterprise Irregular Brian Sommer does not mince words when it comes to his concern over a potential shortage of TLAs. Seriously, what are industry analysts, marketing and IT people to do when there are simply no TLAs to choose from? Brian notes that "Industry pundits see the current supply of acronyms to be unrealistically constrained and warn that any further disruption in the availability of these necessities could roil the technology sector ... The lack of acronyms will be especially hard on software and hardware sales forces. They may find their already jammed PowerPoint slides will not accommodate full-length words. Sales people will have to either add additional slides to their decks or start giving their pitches in less technical ways." It's hard to imagine a world such as this. I mean, if the Spend Management world runs out of terms like SRM, SCM, and SPM what will we do? It might leave us to actually talk about what it is we do and implement in plain English. A scary notion, indeed.

- Jason Busch

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