AMR's Recent Technology Spending Report is a Good Sign

I just learned that AMR Recently published their 2007-2008 Supply Management Spending report (registration and subscription required). While thumbing through the detailed study, I was surprised to see how forecast technology spending budgets break down between companies and geographies. In some cases, the areas of focus and investment we've seen in recent years -- from a dollar if not a mind-share point of view -- will take a back-seat to others. But overall, the good news is that supply management spending will see a "significant budget increase of 14.5% on average in 2008 for supply management applications and service." This compares with single-digit growth for the overall supply chain management market in recent years. Let's hope that even as the 2008 economic outlook dims, that companies stick to their spending expectations in the Spend Management area. After all, sometimes you've got to spend a little to save a lot.

- Jason Busch

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