Spend Matters Welcomes Corbus, Our Fourth Lead Sponsor

I'm incredibly excited to announce that Corbus has signed up as Spend Matters' fourth Lead Sponsor. For those who don't know Corbus, they are a rapidly growing procurement outsourcing provider, but one with a significant twist. And that's the fact that they don't just specialize in indirect procurement outsourcing -- which they have a sizable practice in -- but also direct materials procurement outsourcing, a nascent but potentially huge opportunity in the broader Spend Management market. As I wrote about on Friday, I believe the direct materials procurement outsourcing market has tremendous potential, yet it's a wide open Blue Ocean opportunity without a significant number of players. In the coming weeks and months at Spend Matters, I look forward to continuing to cover the procurement outsourcing market and the types of value that providers like Corbus can deliver to manufacturers and services companies alike. I reckon that in an increasingly tough economic environment, procurement outsourcing adoption will accelerate, especially as companies look to move from fixed to variable cost structures and to lock-in cost savings while minimizing implementation risk.

- Jason Busch

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