Don’t Forget to Vote!

Today is the so called "Super Tuesday" when twenty-four states are holding primary elections to nominate candidates for the presidential, legislative and judicial races in the United States. To be candid, I'm not yet sure who I'm voting for yet. But each vote counts -- especially in a primary -- and I intend to get smarter on the candidates before heading into the voting booth. From a spend management perspective, I’d like to remind everyone about the importance of supporting candidates that value free trade and globalization over protectionism (for that reason, I can tell you that Obama is clearly out). Only through the open exchange of goods, services and ideas with other countries can we ever hope to maintain the standard of living and freedoms that we, as a country, stand for and much of the world has come to desire and emulate. So vote (but not for "fair trade" candidates). And do comment on who you pull the lever for. I'm curious.

- Jason Busch

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