Questioning the Stimulus Package: A Purchasing Blogger Chimes In

Over on Purchasing's blogs, Richard G. Weissman recently questioned whether the economic stimulus package making its way around Washington will do much if anything to improve the economic outlook. Personally, despite having lost all economic confidence in the current administration -- seriously, for Bush to promise a budget surplus by 2012 as he did during the State of the Union considering that he inherited one coming into office is akin to being given a previously negotiated contract with a supplier and willingly accepting twelve straight years of price increases from them -- I'm willing to take a wait and see approach this time around. That's because Treasury's Hank Paulson, a prudent banker, in my book, is the main champion of the package. And if he's behind it -- and if he believes that increasing the debt is the right choice at this point in time -- perhaps it's worth giving it a chance, even if it amounts to nothing more than a superficial boost to Wal-Marts revenue in the quarter the $600 checks are distributed.

- Jason Busch

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