Would You Buy Software From Someone Who is Not Man Enough to Admit …

... that he just bought a minivan? I mean seriously, Dave -- nice story. But show some machismo -- there's nothing wrong with driving a minivan. Heck, I traded in a series of four overpriced German Sedans which seemed to find their way into the mechanics bay for some reason every few months for one. And now, I'm a proud Odyssey owner who has not a single problem -- not a single defect -- in the first 20,000 miles. And owing to my Spend Management roots, I'm glad to admit that it's barely depreciated owing to the fact we, too, were able to negotiate about $7000 off of the sticker price at the very end of the model year (albeit, like Dave, in an off-line format). Perhaps in a few years, we can collectively aggregate demand amongst our friends and run an auction in the Indy/Chicago area ... thoughts?

- Jason Busch

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