A cc-hubwoo Knock Down Drag out … (To Be Continued)

Over on Strategic Sourcing Europe a couple of weeks back, Jean-Philippe Massin traded words with cc-hubwoo's new CEO, Mark Williams. While I have no bone to pick with either Massin or Williams, it looks like both are attempting to make somewhat logical arguments. Massin certainly gets it right when he suggests that cc-hubwoo's entire existence has been founded on its privileged relationship with SAP (and also that cc-hubwoo looks remarkably like IBX given close alliance with that vendor in Walford). But I can also side with William's retort that cc-hubwoo is not floundering anymore than others in the market -- including Ariba -- whose growth has also lagged that of the overall sector. I think this points out what I consider to be a broader observation in the market that, in general, technology growth has come from the very bottom and the very top -- small start-ups and the large ERP companies. But back to the topic at hand, I look forward to Round 2 of this exchange after the two get together in Paris. As a final aside, it's great to see the CEO of a company personally responding to a fellow blogger. It will be great to see more of this type of exchange in the future.

- Jason Busch

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