Communities Must be Civil

I recently deleted a number of comments relating to an individual who has been the subject of much discussion on this blog in the past couple of years (and will be making additional deletions when I have more time in the coming days). Upon further investigation, I learned a number of these disparaging remarks had come from similar IP addresses, but were posted under different names. I sincerely hope that Spend Matters can become a community for information exchange and conversation between its readers. But with community comes the responsibility for civility and full disclosure of identity in one's thoughts and comments (at least in many cases).

In the future, if any personal or disparaging remarks are made about an individual, I will require that people sign their names to the post -- rather than using pseudonyms -- and provide me with their accurate email address when they supply these comments. I respect the need for folks to preserve their identify when commenting on posts because of corporate PR policies, but if these comments are directed at an individual in a negative fashion, I will no longer leave them on the site unless the commentator is willing to put their name on the line. I hope that everyone understands my perspective on this. Enough from me. Flame away, if you must.

- Jason Busch

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