MEC: What Green/Sustainable Reporting Should Look Like

Kudos to Dave M. over on Buyer Analytics for highlighting Mountain Equipment Coop's sustainable supply chain reporting. Dave's post offers up a number of links to MEC's reporting and includes an example of sustainability metrics the company tracks across its Asian supply base (e.g., freedom of association, juvenile workforce violations, etc.) According to the post, "MEC takes corporate transparency to a whole new level ... MEC reports and conveys the company's commitment to transparency through full disclosure of non-compliance in its supply chain. Yes, non-compliance is reported for all to see." All in all, it's a model of transparency. Granted, it would still be anathema for most companies to offer up this level of external disclosure, but I suspect we'll see organizations in some industries begin to release an increasing number of sustainability metrics provided the numbers are not overly embarrassing.

- Jason Busch

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