Michael Lamoureux's Supply Chain Scenario Predications

Over on Sourcing Innovation, Michael Lamoureux recently penned what he thought might become some of the top supply chain headlines for 2008. Being a futurist in this type of capacity is easy. That is, until your predications fail to come true (trust me, I've been there). But in general, I like what Michael has come up with, and I'd second a number of his prognostications. One predicted headline in particular, caught my attention: "Global recession fears push more and more investors to invest in gold reserves." This in tune leads to another prediction in the same post that a major semiconductor manufacturer might file for bankruptcy (thanks to what is assumed to be slowing demand, significant debt service on its infrastructure and rising material prices). If anything, I bet Michael underplays the role that the global economy -- and the credit markets in particular -- will have on the supply chain in 2008.

- Jason Busch

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