Staples Dumps a "Non-Green" Supplier

If anyone needed further proof that the invisible hand will be the most important force driving green and sustainable procurement initiatives, one need look no further than this story in Supply Chain Digest about how Staples is dumping a major vendor who supplied 9% of its total paper buy. The supplier, Asian Pulp & Paper, is allegedly "involved in illegal logging in Indonesia and China" and that its deforestation practices have endangered "tigers and other animals ... Office Depot and some European companies had previously ceased doing business with APP over these and other eco-concerns." One can almost imagine the boardroom discussion between Staples executives about not wanting to deal with protesters outside their stores when this decision was made. In my view, examples like this show that shame and fear is perhaps the best weapon on the sides of those who want to see companies make the best possible green and sustainable procurement decisions. After all, the free market -- and those which influence decisions with in it -- has many voices.

- Jason Busch

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