Hackett Takes on eWorld

Over on Where Next, Alan Buxton does a good job summarizing the procurement capability maturity model that Hackett recently presented at eWorld. But Alan goes one step further, making a relevant observation that "Hackett's model shares a lot with the CMM models already widely used in IT (in that it has the same name and also has five stages of increasing maturity). Though it also leans on the Maslow hierarchy of needs in that each of the 5 levels is not a replacement for the previous level but builds on the previous level in the hierarchy." In truth, Hackett's model is not a whole lot different from other ones out there. I've seen similar models from AMR Research, AT Kearney and others over the years. Still, the more that organizations are exposed to what maturity models like this look like, the more likely they are to make the investments to upgrade their own team, processes and technology to climb the ladder to the next stage themselves.

- Jason Busch

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