Hubwoo Drops "CC" — So What?

Even though I have no academic marketing training, I've spent a good part of my career helping companies spin yarns and build their names. And while I'm not always good at coming up with the big idea, I've always been told that I'm one of the best at both spotting crap -- and calling it for what it is -- and taking others' more salient points to the next level of refinement. Hence, I deem myself qualified to say that when any company goes through a rebranding exercise, it better be worth it in the long run (as anyone in procurement who has seen the print, digital design and advertising budgets associated with such efforts, you'll no doubt agree).

So why the heck cc-Hubwoo did not simply rebrand entirely rather than dropping just the uber-stupid "CC" on the front of its name -- especially given that for the better or the worse, English has become the lingua franca of procurement as global trade has picked up and the Franco-Prussian origins of the firm (and name) no longer matter -- I'm not sure. After all, shouldn't the purpose of a rebrand when your name is embarrassing to begin with be not to have people laugh at you after the machinations of such an exercise? I think so. Mission not accomplished.

As a final aside, this post is not meant as a slam on cc-Hubwoo's products or solutions. From what I hear, they're doing just fine on the commercial side, at least in North America. So perhaps branding really does not matter, after all.

- Jason Busch

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