The EU: Finding Time to Fit Procurement Fraud into a 30-Hour Work Week

As Judge Judy, if you told me that a politician or civil servant who gave his life to public service -- working 70 hour work weeks for decades on end -- was accused of procurement fraud, I might be inclined to take pity on him and grant probation. But when this happens in the EU -- where you know civil servants and politicians are not exactly burning the midnight oil and already receive incredibly comprehensive compensation packages -- I say toss 'em to the lions. Given my views, it's a good thing I'm not a judge across the pond in the latest case of procurement corruption. According to the Daily Telegraph, "A secret European Parliament report has uncovered 'extensive, widespread and criminal abuse' ... Many Euro-MPs are diverting office payments, worth £125,000 a year, to 'providers', which are supposed to be accountants, professionals or companies delivering administrative services."

According to one source that saw the report, "Some service providers simply do not exist. Others are individuals that work for or are dependent on the Euro MP." In my view, it is scandals like this which make the practices of US politicians seem downright honest by comparison. Well, maybe not quite ...

- Jason Busch

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