My Governor Rod: Soon to be Spending State Money From His Jail Cell

It's a good thing that I was not one of the victims at the horribly tragic shooting at Northern Illinois University earlier in the month, because if I was, I'd be turning over in my grave at the thought of the State of Illinois spending $40 million of taxpayer money to tear down a perfectly good building and replace it with another one all in the spirit of "healing". I mean, isn't there a more reasonable and thoughtful way of spending the dollars (or not spending them at all)? What about building an outdoor memorial and spending the rest on university safety to avoid such tragedies in the future? I suppose that Governor Rod Blagojevich, who will be joining another former Governor of Illinois in jail after he's tried and convicted when he leaves office, could care less about wasting everyone else's hard earned dollars. This is, after all, the same politician who proposed a gross receipts tax that every single legislator in Illinois voted against.

- Jason Busch

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