Finding Talent: Get Emotional

Over on CPO Agenda Ron Jarman, Reuter's procurement head, puts some great words of advice on the proverbial wire, when it comes to inspiring -- and finding -- the CPOs of the future. Jarman questions, "Are we, as CPOs, inspiring the procurement leaders of the future to enter our profession? Are we inspiring more potential leaders from other business fields to work in procurement? Are we really inspirational role models?" Reading between the lines, Jarman suggests that the old procurement model of playing one's cards close to the chest inspires less than perfect candidates to enter the field. Rather, it's the emotional types that get the best result. Given this, his recipe to inspire the next generation of leaders is "for us to start being seen as inspirational professionals -- seeking and sharing feelings, speaking from the heart and, in doing so, inspiring ourselves and others." Which, I might add, are all perfect suggestions for why more procurement leaders should get more involved in the blogosphere, sharing their opinions and inspiring others to do the same.

- Jason Busch

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