Climate Change, the Corporate View: "A Crock" or Not?

Over on 2sustain, Tim Albinson recently offered up some thoughts on whether or not McKinsey's recent study on climate change was positive or negative (from environmental grounds). In his words, he's undecided. "I am having a hard time determining if the findings of a new McKinsey study on how companies are viewing climate change represent good news or bad news," Tim writes. "On the positive side we see that 60% of companies regard climate change as strategically important, yet over 33% of the responding firms state that they 'seldom or never' consider climate change when developing their strategies."

For some companies, climate change is just "a crock", which is what GM's Bob Lutz recently referred to it as in a speech and in his blog. While I respect Lutz's free thinking spirit on the topic -- after all, if we don't have dissension on topics, then we might all as well just become intellectual lemmings -- judging by the over 300 comments on his post already, there are quite a few folks in the blogosphere who think he's full of more hot air than the tires his cars ride on. And from a Spend Management perspective, I can certainly say that sustainability and green practices are anything but a crock judging by the number of questions that I've gotten about them recently. A fad, perhaps (though I believe not). But certainly not a crock.

- Jason Busch

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