A Wild and Crazy Week

This week, I'm keynoting at CVM Supply World's inaugural Chicago event and Infosys' BPO Summit in Philadelphia as well as leading a webinar on Supplier Information Management for Aravo. In other words, it's going to be a busy week. Hence, if you find me a bit more testy than usual in my posts, it's not due to falling off my meds, but rather a series of close-to-all-nighters working on client projects, blogging and catching up with old friends in different cities -- not to mention the speaking gigs.

Thanks to the growth of this blog and related ventures, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. But as I've confided in both colleagues and friends, nothing gets me more fired up than Spend Matters. In fact, I'd love to figure out a way in the coming months to slow down on the consulting front working only with existing, long-term clients. This will allow me to focus more of my time on what you're reading here -- as well as Spend Matters Navigator and a few other new things you'll be seeing in the not to distant future.

Before kicking things off this week with the usual content, I'd like to thank everyone for being so supportive of this blog over the past few years. I feel that we're about to take Spend Matters into a new period of serious growth -- both the core blog and related new ventures. Not once have I ever thought about slowing down or giving this thing up. What continues to motivate me the most is the lack of quality, objective analysis -- and entertaining analysis -- out there when it comes to looking at what's going on in the procurement and operations worlds.

Whether it's technology, politics, economics or trade, Spend Management is a huge, global topic to cover. I know that I'm only scratching the surface of it. Perhaps we'll find a few ways to dig down a layer or two more -- going broader and deeper -- in some areas in the not-to-distant future. And with the same wit, irreverence and passion you've come to expect from these virtual pages. So join me as Spend Matters enters a new era -- one fueled in equal parts by passion and caffeine (and the occasional Trappist ale and first growth Bordeaux tossed in for good measure).

- Jason Busch

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