Welcoming Archstone Consulting to the Spend Matters Sponsorship Community

I'm excited to announce that Archstone Consulting has joined the Spend Matters sponsorship community by becoming a charter sponsor of Spend Matters Navigator along with serving as the first user of a handful of new Spend Matters advertising, thought leadership and related offerings (more on these in the coming weeks). In the meantime, let's all welcome Archstone Consulting to Spend Matters. Archstone, in addition to providing procurement and operations expertise through traditional consulting models, is also realizing traction through temporary, expert staff augmentation solutions as well. You can click on the above link to learn more about Archstone On Demand, this new non-consulting services offering. Before we explore the growing need for staff augmentation services in future posts, please join me in extending a warm reception to Archstone for joining the Spend Matters sponsorship community.

- Jason Busch

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