AMR's Supply Management Spending Report — More Details Emerge

Earlier this year, I disclosed just a few of the findings from AMR's Technology Spending Report regarding supply management growth trends in 2008. After all, I don't want to give away the research that AMR spends so much time producing. But more news on the report appears to be trickling out from other sources. As an example, a recent Supply Chain Digest article highlights some additional findings from AMR's study.

According to SCD, in the US, supplier connectivity is the top priority for 13% of survey respondents (and supply chain visibility is the second priority, receiving 11% of the vote). Following further down the list are "supplier diversity management and supplier performance management ranked" which rank third and fourth, "each cited as the top priority by 10% of respondents." Green and sustainable supplier initiatives did not score as high. For one, "green procurement initiatives ranked near the bottom of the priority list, cited as the top priority of only 4% of respondents." In my analysis, AMR's report is further proof that companies are caring more and more about building tighter linkages with their supply base.

Perhaps the largest beneficiaries of this spending will be technology providers that focus on supplier enablement and the broader issue of supplier content and information management. Incidentally, there's no established name for this market yet. Ketera calls it "Supply Base Management". Aravo calls it "Supplier Information Management". Both are good names. May the right one stick so we can create a rallying cry around better managing supplier relationships and supplier content.

- Jason Busch

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