Infosys BPO Summit: Dispatch One

I got in late last night to Philadelphia for the Infosys BPO Summit at the Sheraton. After an early morning jog up the art museum steps and one of the worst interpretations of a bagel ever to touch my lips -- come on Starwood hotels, you can do better than this on the East coast -- I settled into a series morning of panels and presentations highlighted by Wayne Mincey, Hackett Group's President. Mincey shared a significant amount of Hackett benchmarking data, but asked that it did not leave the room. I'll obviously honor Mincey's request. Still, there are some insights that I'll share in a later post while tip-toeing around the actual data. But to whet you're appetite in the meantime, one finding that stood out for me was the comparative lower savings opportunity from the labor-impact benefits of the offshoring of procurement activities compared with other functions (e.g., finance). Also, and no surprise here, top performing organizations -- or as Hackett calls them, "world class" -- tend to invest more in technology than their peers. But much of this spending goes directly into applications rather than labor to manage a hodge-podge of legacy systems which dominate the IT spending budgets of lower performing companies.

- Jason Busch

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