CVM Supply World Chicago — Dispatch One

On March 10th, CVM Supply World began its nine-city 2008 tour in Chicago. I had the chance to lead a 45 minute discussion to kick things off and then I passed the keynote baton to Accenture's CPO, Al Williams, who gave an excellent presentation on what his firm is doing in the Spend Management area. We were later joined for an afternoon panel discussion by Jay Sklar, Aon's VP of Strategic Sourcing (a man with a wicked and subtle sense of humor); Byron Holden, CDW's Director of Procurement, and Krishna Krupp, CVM’s EVP of Client Services. I counted some 40 folks in the audience, which wasn't bad considering the event was only promoted for a few weeks. But the content more than made up for the medium-sized crowd. Al's presentation, in particular, along with Jay's panel responses, made the afternoon for me. Stay tuned as I go into more detail on some of the more insightful findings from the afternoon. And as necessary, I'll change or generalize names and companies to protect the innocent.

If you missed out on the Chicago event, Supply World is coming to a number of other cities this spring. And I'll be speaking at a bunch of them. If you're curious, you can learn more about the rest of planned events here. Next up is San Francisco, where Dean Edwards, Kaiser Permanente's VP and CPO, will keynote. I'll also give my spiel as well. Joining us for the panel discussion will be UC San Francisco's procurement director Jim Hine (who is also a BCG, CSC and Huron alumni) and Accenture's Kevin Jeras. I'm also hoping that Jim shares some of his Spend Management techniques for effective fly fishing as well.

- Jason Busch

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