Wal-Mart Takes to the Blogosphere to Review Suppliers (Well, Not Quite)

Supply Chain Digest recently tipped me off to a new blog from Wal-Mart's buying/merchandising team. While at this point, most of the posts are a bit on the fluffy side, the concept of category managers writing blogs aimed to communicate, develop and improve their supply base -- not to mention having a conversation with customers, in the case of retailers -- is an excellent one indeed. Still, Wal-Mart has got a long way to go for this sort of thing to have any value outside of marketing, as the current posts reads more like a mediocre epinions take rather than critical analysis or supplier reviews. SC Digest shares a similar perspective, opining that in Wal-Mart's new blog "there is actually very little critiquing of products. Promotion is the more common thread, along with sharing some personal details in blog-like tradition." Still, we owe the folks in Bentonville for at least introducing the concept of category management bloggers -- even if the current effort leaves much to be desired.

- Jason Busch

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