IACCM Americas is Right Around the Corner

The week after next, I'll be headed out to IACCM America's event taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'll be hosting a panel discussion on risk management with a handful of experts and practitioners who will talk about the subject, and in addition, I'll be giving a lecture during a breakout session that touches on a subject close to anyone who reads blogs: social networking and online communities of interest. In this break-out, I'll trace the origins of "blogging" back to 18th-century London and flash forward to 2010 to explore potential next generation software and information applications which showcase how opinion and insight will drive more informed contracting and Spend Management decisions. I'm looking forward to sharing some historical perspectives on social commentary and media dating back to the original 18th-century daily publication, The Spectator (not to be confused with The American Spectator). If you're going to be at IACCM Americas and you'd like to connect, please don't hesitate to drop a line. I'm purposely leaving my calendar open throughout the event, as I'm going as much to meet new faces as I am to learn about the subject matter.

- Jason Busch

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