Spend Matters Navigator: Make it Part of Your Daily Routine

Many people ask me how I stay on top of the news on Spend Matters, deciding what to cover and link to. For a while, I used a combination of tools including Google and even print publications. But now I turn to one resource: Spend Matters Navigator. Spend Matters Navigator is a learning and research tool we've been developing and refining for over a year. The current release indexes over fifty thousand articles, blog entries, analyst reports and supplier records and lets users discover the relationships between them. And it updates these information sources on a daily basis. For example, if you're curious to track the topic of supplier quality and performance, you can see what leading blogs have to say about the subject, alongside the musings of trade and business publications and even the industry analysts. It's an entirely new experience that saves time and provides a targeted way to find more information on a subject that you ever before.

If you're not using Spend Matters Navigator, you should be. It's my Spend Management filter on the thousands of difference sources of information that I could be reading, but don't have time to sort through manually. It shows me what I need to know and helps me pinpoint exactly what I should be reading on a particular topic to get smart fast. Try it for yourself and see (it's self explanatory, but often takes some playing around with to really unleash the research power it provides). In the coming month, we'll highlight a number of ways different folks are using Navigator to stay on top of the Spend Management world and to do their jobs better.

- Jason Busch

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