Tossing in the Spend Towel

I've decided to throw in the towel as a blogger and take a real job. From here forward, I'll be working half my time as an analyst and half as a journalist. I decided to take this route to minimize the amount of time I have to work while maximizing my pay check. As a journalist, I'll just take the headlines from the wires and the quotes from vendor press releases and toss in an analyst perspective or two and voila -- story done. As an analyst, I plan to adopt a British accent, quadruple my speaking fees, and increase my consulting day rate to a sum larger than the GDP of North Dakota (and insist on first class travel -- and pocket the difference between first and coach to pad my pay stub). Sorry guys. This blogging thing is just too much work for the money. I also don't like the idea that others can comment on what I have to say. I mean, why should we ever allow a community to have a perspective when talking heads are far more qualified to proffer up their opinions? Adios, y'all. Peace. Out.

- Jason Busch

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