IACCM — Blogging Live (Dispatch 4)

When I go to conferences, it's the rare opportunity that I have to spend the full event time attending the festivities. Usually, I follow a fly-in / fly-out model based upon speaking commitments or catching specific sessions (or meetings) that I've signed up for previously. But I decided to stick around for the entire IACCM event, and I've not been disappointed. There's a certain interest I’ve developed around contracting as the intersection of all negotiated agreements. It brings the concept of sourcing to an entirely new level and really causes both the buying and the selling party to sit down and think creatively not only about the core pricing of a good or service, but all of the underlying elements (many of which are never even make it into total cost models). For example, what is the value of a certain type of indemnification clause based on the way it's written? Might softening it reduce the costs of an agreement? The key is getting both parties to sit down and have a discussion -- rather than simply tossing the terms from a sourcing event over to legal to finalize an agreement. And IACCM is facilitating -- on both a philosophical and pragmatic level – such a conversation. My only question is the direction of the organization as well as its future make-up (i.e., procurement, legal, sales, etc.). This is something I'd like to answer after sitting down with Tim Cummins, its Executive Director and CEO, sometime in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.

- Jason Busch

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