IACCM — Blogging Live (Dispatch 5)

IACCM Americas just wound down earlier today, but I've gathered dozens of pages of notes from various presentations. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some additional dispatches from the event. For those who are not familiar with IACCM, you should be. It's perhaps the most innovative training, networking, conference, think-tank in the sector. IACCM is far from perfect, but I have a lot of respect for the creativity and thinking to come out of the organization. They really manage to stretch the limits of thinking when it comes to the concept of contracting and buyer/seller/legal relationships.

Now that IACCM Americas is over, what do I have on tap coming up? In late April and May, I continue on my crazy spring conference march, speaking at four-more CVM Supply Worlds (Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, and Washington, DC) and Sourcing Interests Group (SIG). I'll be also be attending Ariba LIVE and SAP Sapphire. If you're planning on being at any of the events and want to connect in person, drop me a line. But more on all of these events later. I have to run for the airport and I have the dreaded "B" boarding pass -- with a high number -- on Southwest. Ahh, such is the price of flying the Spend Management airline.

- Jason Busch

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