Introducing Spend Matters Toolbox

Have you ever wanted a place to go to find free Spend Management tools? Well, look no further. Earlier today, we launched Spend Matters Toolbox, a site dedicated to indexing and presenting online tools we think will be helpful for Spend Matters readers. The first two tools come courtesy of JV Kelly Group. The first is an interactive outsourcing modeler designed to help companies quantify their savings opportunities from different types of outsourcing programs. The second is a clever take on an ROI model for category sourcing initiatives that shows the actual EPS impact of specific programs. Going forward, we hope to add many more tools to our belt. If you've got one in mind, drop us a line: info [at] spendmatters [dot] com. The only requirements are that: 1) they must be free and 2) the Spend Matters review board must be sufficiently impressed (which given our standards, should not be that difficult). We might even consider adding low-cost tools eventually as well, but we'd like to first highlight the universe of what is free.

- Jason Busch

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