Spend Matters Perspectives: Spend Matters Unabridged

I'm excited to announce the launch of a new Spend Matters offering, Spend Matters Perspectives.

Spend Matters Perspectives provide an objective and deep look at the business issues driving the need behind Spend Management technologies, services and information. They take the form of a three-to-five page essay which allows us far more space to examine topics than a regular blog post. But we're hoping to maintain the same level of readability and informality of a blog (so don't expect to fall asleep reading them -- at least we hope). You can read the first Spend Matters Perspective, Analyzing the rise of Procurement Staff Augmentation Services, by clicking here.

The priority of the topics we will cover in Spend Matters Perspectives will be determined based on our interests as well as those licensing the content. However, Spend Matters Perspectives are not and will never serve as an endorsement of a solution, product or company. We all know that game that various analyst firms have made famous over the years, and have no intent of falling back on a business model which should never have seen the light of day in the first place. Rather, we have designed Spend Matters Perspectives to serve as a core piece of thought leadership for technology, services and information providers to use to educate -- and perhaps even entertain -- their prospects and customers. Each individual Spend Matters Perspective will be commissioned based on specific requests and licensees are granted non-exclusive perpetual print and online usage rights. We will not host Spend Matters Perspectives on the Spend Matters website directly, but will link to those licensing the content (other organizations can license the content as well, but only the first organization licensing the rights will receive a link from Spend Matters).

Technology, services and information providers use Spend Matters Perspectives to:

- Educate a targeted market audience
- Generate and attract the best set of leads for their products and solutions
- Accelerate the sales process
- Generate and populate content for websites, newsletters and online learning centers
- Spark debate and conversation about specific topics that they want to see covered

Spend Matters Perspectives do not:

- Provide a third party endorsement of products, solutions, services or companies
- Evaluate or rank products, solutions, services or companies relative to competitors
- Automatically result in the answer that companies should "buy more of a particular type of product or service" like many other reports you might read -- our strength is our objectivity and we think that it's intellectually dishonest to jump to conclusions
- Serve as a replacement for longer studies from respected industry analyst firms or other sources

If you are interested in learning more about Spend Matters Perspectives in a given area or licensing Spend Matters content (including Spend Matters Perspectives), please drop us a line: info [@] spendmatters [dot] com.

- Jason Busch

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