Sourcing Meets CEO Selection: Dilbert Style

Thanks to a Spend Matters reader for directing me to this Dilbert blog post from last week. In it, the hilarious Scott Adams suggests that "the best way to pick a CEO would be by soliciting bids from applicants. That way you get the cheapest one that is fully qualified. And you should repeat the process every two years whether the CEO is doing a good job or not ... I think it would be interesting if someday a union went on strike and demanded a CEO bidding process as one small part of their agreement. They wouldn't get it, but I'll bet the CEO would be willing to settle the strike quicker to get that issue out of the public's attention." If any company is willing to engage in this process -- unlikely, I will agree -- I might be able to convince a sourcing vendor or two to volunteer their software for the bidding event. And who knows, I might dust off my old "market making" hat, volunteering my time to structure the market and prevent any counter-sourcing strategies (CEOs can be quite slimy, we all agree). If there's any takers -- or any CPOs crazy enough to take the idea to their Boards -- you know how to get in touch!

- Jason Busch

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