A Gartner Sourcing Suite Surprise

Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant for Sourcing Application Suites (subscription or $1995 required -- which works out to roughly eighty seven bucks a page) came out last week. Having looked at it, I must say that the relative rankings of smaller vendors -- in proportion to those in the Leader's Quadrant -- takes away from its overall credibility. Granted, it's no surprise that folks like Emptoris came out on top (followed by Ariba), but the relative ranking of the secondary vendors relative to the larger ones is more than a surprise -- it's a shocker. And to me it detracts from the overall credibility of the report. I simply can't understand why there are two vendors who I rarely see in deals significantly out rank the Leader's ability to execute (not just by a thread, but by a significant margin). Or I could also point to how one ERP provider's "Completeness of Vision” is as great -- or greater -- than those in the Leader's quadrant, but then I'd have to miss a blog publication deadline or two (or maybe just stop publishing this thing for a year). Just kidding. But what's my true take? An analyst firm can never win publishing a head-to-head comparison as someone will always bitch and moan about the results as I'm sure Debbie Wilson, the lead author of the report, is finding out. But Gartner, in my view, has taken its credibility down a notch in the market with this analysis.

- Jason Busch

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