Supplier Diversity — Global Perspectives (An Open Invitation)

As someone who believes strongly in the value of developing entrepreneurial suppliers that might not fit the traditional mode, I believe that supplier diversity programs have tremendous potential to help companies not just get closer to a new set of emerging customers by reflecting local communities in their supply chain, but also to drive innovation and differentiation. But at the same time, far too many companies in North America just give lip service to diversity by dolling out set asides to suppliers that create unnecessary steps in the value chain (e.g., phantom distributorships or billing organizations). Outside of North America, many companies are still developing strategies to encourage diversity and entrepreneurialism in their supply base (and many are just sitting on the fence). Given that this is a topic that encourages debate on both sides of the political aisle -- and is one that will only become a hotter topic on the global circuit in the future -- I thought that I would issue an open invitation for folks to contribute a post on the subject to this blog. If you'd like to contribute to the discussion on Spend Matters, please drop me a line: jbusch [at] spendmatters [dot] com and I'll give you more details on the suggested structure, length style of what I'm looking for. I'll also be writing about the subject quite a bit in the coming weeks as well.

- Jason Busch

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