Mapping the Future of Procurement and Sourcing

In a couple of weeks, Sourcing Interests Groups (SIG) Global Conference is coming up. At the event, I'll be presenting a session in the Sourcing tracking titled "Mapping the Future of Procurement and Sourcing". In my talk, I plan to share some techniques that I've learned from my experience with scenario planning to help attendees learn how to think through logical scenarios over the next five years for the procurement and sourcing market. But perhaps even more important than predicting the future is knowing how to spot key events -- signposts, if you will -- that can indicate which direction or scenario the world is headed in. If you're curious about how scenario planning techniques can be applied to not only reduce supply risk but to take advantage of changes in supply markets before others, I'd encourage you to stop by the breakout session. And if you can't make it to SIG and you're curious about the topic, drop me a line. I'd be happy to chat about it either at a different event this spring or over the phone.

- Jason Busch

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