Warren Buffet's Views on Trade

I've got to say, World Trade's Neil Shister is turning out some great material of late. The recent above-linked op/ed slams politicians who are distorting the benefits of free trade policies -- specifically NAFTA -- to capture populist votes. But the strongest argument in the piece is a quote from Warren Buffet -- a statement I could not agree more with. Shister notes that he has "long admired Warren Buffet (for his enlightened good sense and commitment to what is best about American democratic capitalism). In his latest letter to his Berkshire Hathaway stockholders, he staked out his ground in this debate: 'In developing a sensible trade policy, the U.S. should not single out countries to punish or industries to protect. Nor should we take actions likely to evoke retaliatory behavior that will reduce America's exports, true trade that benefits both our country and the rest of the world.' ... It's worth repeating his phrase, 'true trade that benefits both our country and the rest of the world.' Which, in a nutshell, is NAFTA. We diminish it at our own peril." Amen, Mr. Buffet and thank you Neil for the article and the citation -- we need more free trading voices in the procurement and supply chain worlds to stand up on the political stage.

- Jason Busch

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