Tavern Tax — A New Way of Vetting Accounting Firms

In the strategic sourcing world over the years, I've heard more than a few stories of companies successfully bidding out professional services firms -- from SIs to lawyers to accountants. But I guarantee, in all of these negotiations, that none of the possible suppliers met one qualification which I would suggest should become a prerequisite for delivering a professional service. And that's holding office hours in a pub. The above-linked article -- hat-tip Amy Edwards -- describes how one accountant sets up shop in a bar during tax season. According to the story, "For 10 weeks leading up to the April 15 deadline to submit U.S. income tax returns" the accountant "brings his tax-filing services to bars on weekday nights and weekend afternoons ... at an Irish pub on Wednesday night, [he] set up shop under a 'Tavern Tax' sign with a fold-up table covered with a framed photo of laughing friends, his laptop and a lamp. One by one, clients relaxed in the chair across from him, handing over documents and sipping on beer."

- Jason Busch

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