Spend Management in the Home: Your Very Last Sourcing Decision

Well, technically, decisions about your funeral are not up to you, but now they're new options to further drive up costs for the personal affair (which, according to the Motley Fool, cost nearly $6,000 not counting many expenses). Consider how you might now opt for a ”pay-per-view funeral that allow "mourners who cannot attend services in person to pay their last respects via the internet ... Mourners use the password to access a live online broadcast of the funeral service captured by a small camera mounted in the chapel." For just over $150 bucks, it doesn't sound like a bad deal. But I'd hope that in my case whenever I permanently go off the grid -- being the cheap sourcing guy that I am -- that someone would just take a streaming feed from their notebook camera over Skype or another service, forgoing the "pay" element of the video feed altogether.

- Jason Busch

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