2Sustain's Anti-Bush / China Rant Deserves Your Attention

Those who know me well know that I don't pull any punches with politics. In fact, I think it's important to tie business and politics -- especially around Spend Management -- since such areas as trade and tax laws are so tied to what we do on a global basis. Given this background, you might think as a libertarian Republican, that I'd sit up and argue against Tim Albinson's recent three part anti-Bush / China environmental rant over on 2 Sustain. But you'd be wrong. I agree almost entirely with what Tim has to say, especially his word against our current President (even though I support environmental action not just because of climate change, parts of which I still debate). For example, all of our actions in the coming years will be useless unless China follows a similar environmental course. Or as Tim puts it, "China (and to a lesser degree India) will more than undo all of the well-laid plans and good intentions we in the industrialized 'Rich Nations' ... devise to address climate change." All in all, Tim's penned a thought-provoking series that anyone involved in procurement and supply chain should read. Click on the following links for the series: Part1, Part 2, Part3.

- Jason Busch

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