A New Spend Matters Sponsor is Coming on Board Next Week

Next week, we'll be announcing a new Spend Matters Lead Sponsor. The slot that is opening up was taken before I could announce its availability to the Spend Matters community (we limit the number of lead sponsorships at any one time to 4, and those who are interested are starting to make themselves known ahead of time). If you'd like to find out more about opportunities for advertising and reaching one of the largest online procurement and supply chain communities drop our new head of sales, Wiliam (Bill) Busch, a line: wbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com. And yes, there is a family relation (he's my father and probably the only Wharton grad selling Web 2.0 marketing programs). Bill will be happy to tell you about a number of new programs we're offering for those with specific budgets to drive lead generation, thought leadership and general brand and market awareness. And when Spend Matters lead sponsorship slots become available on the blog I will continue to let the community know -- and offer them up on a first come, first serve basis -- provided they've not already been spoken for.

- Jason Busch

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