Sapphire Dispatch 2 — The Frictionless Brand Creates Some Friction

I've been running around like a madman for much of the day today at Sapphire, trying to hop between meetings and presentations to get a handle on what's really going on inside the SAP SRM organization. In general, it's been a very informative few hours, and I've got many good tidbits and analyses to share in the coming days on Spend Matters (including some product announcement news I expect will be making the rounds as well before the event ends). But one item I could not wait on came out of a session from this morning titled Analyze to Contract -- The SAP E-Sourcing Way. And that was a question from an audience member who was confused about the Frictionless/SAP branding.

Her company had recently licensed the contracts component in the SAP E-Sourcing suite and there was some material (perhaps the user manual) which referred to the application as Frictionless. It seems there's similar confusion inside much of the SAP organization, which still slips into calling SAP E-Sourcing "Frictionless" even though the product/company brand was officially eliminated quite some time ago. Alas, even though it appears the acquisition was quite smart in retrospect -- resulting in over 100 new customers and giving sales people something to push in absence on a new SRM release last year -- SAP still needs to get its branding straight internally and with customers to avoid any more marketing friction.

I promise that no other posts from Sapphire will be as superficial as this one (although I hope you find the anecdote as humorous as I did).

- Jason Busch

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