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I'm about to leave Newport Beach, CA to head back to Chicago after 5 days on the road. I just attended the Sourcing Interests Group (SIG) event and came away from the past 36 hours with about twenty pages of notes from various presentations and discussions. All in all, a very insightful time. While I have much to write up upon my return -- including a great presentation on the total economic benefits of free trade -- I thought I'd share a few quick thoughts on what has made this conference different from many I've been to. First, the close knit relationship of the group -- everyone seems willing and interested to share ideas and chat. Even though 350 people registered for the event, it feels like a much smaller group in a good way. Second, the quality of many of the presentations has exceeded that of most events I go to (not to mention the willingness of presenters to answer tough questions either in front of the room or offline). And third, I've found the provider (i.e., vendor and service providers) to be equally engaged in the discussion and not just here to sell (even though there was at least a bit of this in one break-out session I attended, despite SIG's intent to make the event 100% non-commercial).

- Jason Busch

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