China Struck By a Significant Earthquake

Earlier today, China was struck by a significant earthquake. Buildings in Shanghai and Beijing have been evacuated, and there's no doubt production has been shut down in at least some of the areas impacted by the tremor. Richard Brubaker is updating the situation on his All Roads blog. Richard also recommends reading the The Shanghaist for additional information (looking at the tragic pictures, it's hard to believe that the death toll will be any less than in the thousands). Given the magnitude of this 7.8 degree quake, companies should first check on the safety of their employees and partners before considering the supply chain implications (which we'll be commenting on as the story develops). Perhaps most important at this early stage, let's hope that the Chinese government responds far more favorably to outside assistance than the Burmese dictatorship did to the South (who has let thousands of people die while blocking outside NGOs and government organizations from coming to the assistance of the people following the deadly cyclone from last week).

If you're curious about what life was like during the quake quite far from the epicenter, here are some Twitter dispatches quoted by the Shanghaist: "(in Shanghai): "breathing normal again. feeling an earthquake on the 31st floor was not fun." niubi (in Beijing): "We r on 38 th flr in beijing cbd. Terrifying how much the bldg was swayed. Grabbed the kids and took the stairs down when swaying stopped". imagethief (in Beijing): "Earthquake. Evacuating Kerry Center." imagethief again: "Walked down 27 floors for a micro quake. Sheesh. Everybody watching CCTV tower nervously.""

- Jason Busch

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