Ariba Live Dispatch 6 — Flying Commercial is a Good Sign

As I was running at a six minute mile pace through the Vegas B terminal for my flight on Wednesday afternoon, out of the corner of my eye in the terminal I saw Bob Calderoni -- or at least I thought it was him -- stopping by Burger King for a quick bite. If indeed it was Bob, it's good to see CEOs flying commercial -- especially in the Southwest terminal. Even though many have criticized Bob in the past for being more of a CFO/accountant type than the typical software/services CEO, there's something to be said for financial types that practice what they preach on the company dime. But more important, what a change from the B2B .com days when executives chartered jets for jaunts of all sorts. On an unrelated note, look for a number of additional dispatches from LIVE in the next week, including specifics on solution direction and strategy.

- Jason Busch

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