Iron Man or Austin Powers? Chrysler's New CPO Attempts to Save the Day

Even though the book has not yet been written on John Campi's superhero-scale attempt to turn around supplier relations at Chrysler, CPO Agenda did a good job covering the venerable automakers attempt to right the supplier relationship ship in a recent interview. I'm not the first to cover this story -- Supply Excellence beat me to it -- but hopefully for those who've not seen it, this post will direct you in its general direction (it's more than worth a few minutes to read even if you're not in the automotive or manufacturing industries). According to the interview, "Campi pledged to work collaboratively with suppliers to take cost out of the supply chain and to share savings on a 50:50 basis -- an arrangement that had already been implemented in some cases ... Reduced vehicle complexity, stabilised production scheduling and fewer post-design change notices were three of the ways Chrysler could help suppliers to lower their costs, Campi explained." Whether or not Campi's efforts make him look more like Iron Man than Austin Powers is still up in the evil Detroit air. Still, this is one CPO who is not sitting still in his attempt to do a 180 degree turn from a procurement standpoint for a company that desperately needs it.

- Jason Busch

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