Spend Matters Coverage in the Chicago Tribune

Spend Matters was featured in this Monday's Chicago Tribune. Even though I would I have liked to have seen the story spun a bit differently, it wasn't a bad write-up. The Tribune focused the article on positioning the fact that blogs could actually make money, citing Spend Matters as an example. But what's interesting to me are the growth prospects for leveraging the blog to build additional services such as Spend Matters Navigator, not just the fact that we've proven the business model for the core blog with at least some material revenue, which is what they led with. The Trib, as it is locally known, also did not mention how we're investing much of the profits from this thing to grow versus simply taking out cash, which is how it comes off, at least to this overly sensitive reader (who wishes that the $300K per year was his to play with!)

One final nit ... the line about putting our initial sponsor "front and center" was certainly prefaced with "from an advertising standpoint" during the interview. But I think the point comes across in the next paragraph that we follow "traditional journalism guidelines -- maintaining a distinct line between editorial and advertising -- to give the blog credibility". Still, this is another point of sensitivity for me, especially given what I perceive as a strong need for unbiased coverage in the sector.

But I should not complain. Bloggers are the exact same as journalists, twisting pitches around based on what they think their readers should know. Moreover, coverage is coverage, and I'm thankful that Spend Matters is finally building credibility with the mainstream media. Now, we just need to figure out additional ways to become more invaluable to our readers (which you can bet we're working on). I know that long-term, the rest will follow. Most important, I'd like to express my warm thanks to all of you as we celebrate Spend Matters' four year anniversary later this year. Without our readers, none of this would be possible.

- Jason Busch

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