Alliance Boots: Biggest A/P A$$holes of the Year

I can't believe this story -- I simply can't. If any of my customers insisted on these terms, I'd sooner send in my friends from New Jersey and risk the FBI breathing down by neck than sit back and take this. According to Procurement Leader's Blog, Alliance Boots is a poster child for how not to treat suppliers. The post notes that the company has said it "will pay its suppliers up to 105 days after billing and (if that wasn't enough) will then charge a 2.5 per cent settlement fee." It reminds me of the days when GM decided to pay all its supplier invoices at a discount to face value. But look where they got them. As much as I like Boot's merchandising relative to its US pharmacy peers, I think I'll personally never step foot in one as a protest to this sort of behavior.

- Jason Busch

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